Introduction to Light White v2

Following up on the apparent popularity of the original light white template for pixelpost I set out to improve on the original. The main complaints from the template's users were based around W3C compliancy (all that valid html etc! the boring bit of web design...) and around the limitations involved in image widths.

W3C Compliancy

Personally, my main concern is not with keeping W3 happy but with creating cross-browser compatible designs. However, I perservered with this template and before you is a fully xHTML compliant piece of code. Naturally, I had to compromise on some areas and as you notice those smooth borders from the original version are now lost to the realms of cyberspace - or at least until every other browser catches up with mozilla in it's rendering capabilities! You'll be pleased to know that I kept the transparency effect on thumbnails that W3C oh so hates in a CSS file.

Image Width Capabilites

There's no need to worry about mimimum widths with this new template so I expect to see lots of panoromas out there stretching this template to mind-blowing widths! However, until the next release of IE (hopefully!) the rendering of widths will be slow due to a bulky javascript file used to make IE understand the css I used for the job.

The Menu

I've added plenty of comments to the template files and style.css so you should have no trouble adding new links to the menu bar above. (or removing the links!) Hopefully you'll agree the menu is an improvement on the original and shouldn't cause the same problems the last one did.


Enjoy this template! Enjoy pixelpost! Enjoy each other's photos!